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Bitdefender Antivirus: Problems with Windows Applications created through Visual Studio


I am trying to create Windows Application through Visual Studio and upon debugging a single form application, the generated exe is quickly detected as a serious malware. I tried every suggestion given online, from adding the icons, to making sure the name is not matching any known malware application online. I even changed from .NET Framework 4 to .NET 5 applications and the problem persists.

In .NET Framework 4, the main exe is detected and in .NET 5, the dll with call details is detected (screenshot attached below) for .NET 4 version.

Every new application I try to create is getting the same detection of the same variant. I can't seem to find a solution since this is not signature based and on Bitdefender engine's false-positive.

Kindly requesting your help. This is hampering development of our products.



  • You can create exceptions this solved my problem. still very annoying to deal with.