Password Manager import not working from Chrome


I downloaded my password information from Chrome which created a .csv file.

I created a wallet in Password Manager.

I selected Import on that wallet.

I selected the .csv file that I downloaded from Chrome.

I entered my Master Password.

Then I received the following error message: Bitdefender Password Manager - Importing credentials failed due to unsupported file format.

Does anybody have information on how the csv file needs to be formatted? I've searched and can't find anything here or elsewhere. This will not work for me if I can't do the Import.

Thanks for any help!




  • TheRifleman
    Well, I sure am glad I registered for this Bitdefender "Expert Community" where I see very important questions go unanswered (read, "ignored".)
    I would think that Bitdefender would want to make it easier for potential customers to transition from their old platform to a much better one. e.g. Rather than greet new customers with, "Please feel free to create a new password list by inputting each and every one of your 300+ passwords from DASHLANE; even after DASHLANE so graciously provided 3 separate, universal file formats: csv, json, xls."
    The growing password and PII (personally identifiable information) database market is an easy fit for a first rate AntiVirus company.
  • Dr_Don_Tx
  • I'm having the same issue with Microsoft Edge Chromium.

  • Me too tried importing exported Chrome CSV and also a CSV export from Bitwarden

  • I'm having the same issue hoping by now Bitdefender would fix this but i guess they dont care much about the extra features I'm gonna just switch if they show this little care for their features. we just wanna import our autofill i dont think this needs a year to frickin fix