wireless keyboard

why doesn't some wireless keyboards work with safepay. It's not my keyboard or the websites because when I don't use safepay on the same website using my keyboard it works fine. I don't have a virus, trojan, malware or spyware. My keyboard works fine on other computers and other websites and there is nothing wrong with my keyboard software or my computer software for keyboard or mouse settings. I have two friends who have the same make and model of keyboard and they have the exact same problem with theirs. This just one of the problems we are having, we type using safepay and our exact same wireless keyboards. They will work on part of the website we are on but not all of it, we have to use the virtual keyboard to finish or we have to use the virtual keyboard for one letter or number then the wireless keyboard will work. Remember what I said this is the exact same keyboards with entirely no problems with them our our computers. I also have a feeling my make and model keyboard isn't the only one with problems.