Bitdefender Personal CA preventing Chrome from connecting to websites


On my Windows 10 machine, it seems Bitdefender is blocking all websites in Chrome because it is inserting its own certs. All pages error with ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID. Edge and Firefox both work without issue and the certs show as the originals when viewed. Looking at the detail in Chrome it shows the cert issued by Bitdefender as you can see in the highlight on the image below.

Would anyone have a workaround? I tried importing the Bitdefender mitm cert into Chrome but it did not resolve the issue.



    I discovered the same thing. I've attempted removing them, uninstalling & reinstalling, etc... there is no documentation - it is frustrating, so much I may give up on Bitdefender software and use something else

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    I had same issue and after checking the issue here. I happened to see that BitDefender Parental Control was causing this issue.

    After uninstalling Bitdefender Parental Control things started absolutely fine. It uninstalls the Bitdefender root certificate

    Hope it fixes your issue

  • BitDefender should fix the issue with Chrome not working with the Parental Controls. It makes the PC module unusable.

  • I have have just switched to Bitdefender and have the same problem. I might be asking for a refund if the problem is not resolved quickly.