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Many issues with allowed application



I just recently switched to BitDefender from Norton 360. Norton was a decent product and worked well enough, but it had way too many popups that I could not stop. However, I am finding I have the same issues here. For one even if I disable the profiles application (it doesn't work) it still continually puts me in the "work" profile simply because Adobe Creative cloud is running in the background.

My real issue though is how bitdefender seems to block any application that requires internet action by default. For me that is mostly games. When I install the game I have to go in and manually add the application, any anti cheat services, and any launchers to the firewall exceptions or it just never works. Have I missed a setting somewhere? It never pops up informing me that said item attempted to connect, it just blocks it until I manually add it. On top of that, if an application updates, I then have to remove it from the exceptions and re-add it before it will work.

Please tell me there is a way to fix this, otherwise I need to cancel this and go back to norton before my 30 days are up

Thank You,