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Bitdefender Free keeps detecting VYT90Q6I36.tmp

On system scans Bitdefender detects
as Trojan.GenericKD.36661309

Disinfecting the file or moving it to Quarantine removes it temporarily before it is recreated again at some point (usually a few hours later or after rebooting).
Shortly after Bitdefender usually Throws a "Threat Blocked" alert as well (even though it should have been removed already?).

I cannot move or copy the file (Need permission from system. Editing Ownership and/or attributes doesn't seem to do anything.) to upload it to Virustotal, and it cannot be loaded into pestudio.

Process Explorer64 doesn't show any suspicious processes (Except bdagent, which is only picked up by APEX. LOL.).
Process Explorer32 also marks procexp, which is picked up by one engine.

A Google result for "VYT90Q6I36.tmp" or "Trojan.GenericKD.36661309" doesn't return any helpful results.

Can someone tell me whether I should be concerned?
Thanks a lot in advance,



    File eventually identified and deleted.
    SHA-256: 0235774D05015E436512518459F0338A56E840B998AAB76A28209B230EF35F44

    Detected as Farfli/Tiggre. Definitely malware.
    Deleted by Hitman Pro.