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Bought 3 licenses, unable to get this installed on Mobile device

Hello Community team,
I am unable to install the Bitdefender Internet Security on my mobile device. It says trail expired. I have 3 licences and used 2 of them. This third one refuses to install on the device. I have Uninstalled the App twice and tried to send the link from the Bitdefender Central. Downloaded and installed from the link. No go. Same trail expired message. The Activation Key which I have received from Bitdefender team, is not working for this device. Do not know why? Does anyone guide me to fix this issues please. Appreciate the team's experience and time in this matter.


  • Saava256
    I think you just need to login on the new device as well so that you can add it. As long as you log in using your bitdefender account, that has the subscription, everything shall work out