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Deleted Firewall Rules - how long do they persist

I had created a firewall rule allowing access to a certain application. I have now deleted that rule, but still, TCP traffic is getting through to that application from another PC on my local network. I have tried restarting the PC & although the rule has gone, if I start this application it is shown in the firewall Application Access as having been allowed.


  • Poor guy, nobody from Bitdefender has answered your question. As a matter of fact, you don't need to create any firewall rules granting the traffic of a certain application. the Bitdefender Firewall allows both inbound and outbound traffic of all the programmes by default. That's why that specific TCP traffic you wished to block from getting through to your application was still active even though you had deleted that rule that it wasn't necessary to create in the first place. This is the poorest design of a software firewall. I filed a ticket to Bitdefender demanding that a re-design be implemented less than two years ago. They keep writing from time to time to inform me that the investigation into the Firewall issue has still been going on.