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Parentral Control keeps stopping my son from using his andriod phone completely


There seems to be a glitch with Parental Control. In the last month I have had to uninstall and re-install bit defender parental control on my sons android phone, because intermittently no matter what time of day it is, he suddenly can't access anything on his phone (even the most basic apps installed).

He's 14yrs old and has Autism. I have now had to leave parental control off as I can't trust parental control to stop him accessing his phone while at school (disaster as that is what he uses to calm down during possible meltdowns).

This problem has only started happening the last few months, and I can't find any reason for Parental Control to stop a phone working! My daughter also has an Android, but hasn't had any problems with this. I have scanned his phone for viruses etc and everything seems ok in that respect.

Has anyone else had this problem, or is there something I'm missing? Ideally I would like to put parental controls back on his phone, but until I know how this can be rectified, I can't trust the bit defender parental control from blocking my sons phone from any type of use.