Bitdefender Internet security module

Hi, firstly apologies for any bad syntax or spelling mistakes, I’m disabled and have to use dictation which doesn’t always come out 100% perfect. Now to my issue;

How many features in the ‘internet protection’ module send website data to bitdefender servers to check? And are they building up a record of users search history?

I don’t see how these features can work without bitdefender checking them against a central database and so Basically would have a record of Your search history.

I have browser add-ons that perform all the features available in the Internet security plug-in that work ‘on device’, so I don’t need or want to use this module. When I switch the features off though; the widget and bitdefender constantly claim my computer is at risk (with both the widget and control panel staying red and declaring that my computer is st risk).

It basically gives me a constant false positive that I have now grown accustomed to ignoring, this is not ideal as I run the risk of missing a real threat as I just assume the red nag is because the Internet security module features are turned off.

i’ve asked bitdefender to provide a workaround for this But they’re not interested and don’t seem to understand customers might want to switch some features off by choice and so would be aware that they are not using some of the softwares features and don’t need a constant reminder.

Bitdefender just refuses to tell me if any of my searches are being sent to their servers to be checked by this module so I can only assume that They are which Is a big security issue for me and defeats the whole point of using security software as you are giving up your browsing history to a third party. This is something most security conscious users go out of the way to avoid.

Sadly after 15 years, me and bit Bitdefender will be parting company when my subscription expires in August unless anyone knows a workaround they would be kind enough to share? Failing that what would you recommend as an alternative antivirus software?

With Microsoft providing its own virus software for free I would expect a company that charges for third party virus services to be more in tune with its customers, virus and Internet protection is a premium service that people choose to pay for as the Microsoft one that is built in works adequately and is free so buying virus software is no longer an essential like it used to be so I’m surprised Bitdefender is not more Receptive to its customers needs.


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