MacOS Monterey on MBP M1

I am unable to update or reinstall Bitdefender after an upgrade from Big Sur to Monterey (beta). Is there a fix for this issue. Thanks


  • I ran into the same issue... and, in fact, had my Security & Privacy preferences panel break (ostensibly due to the Bitdefender extension). I ended up having to wipe the machine. I haven't reinstalled Bitdefender (and am not going to until they update).

  • Same problem

  • Same problem. I expect Monterey is setup to block antivirus in its Beta form. I am sure BitDefender will provide a fix for this in due course.

    I have uninstalled the AV and will put it back when the final version of OSX is out and BitDefender have the fix. Exactly the same thing has happened in previous years with the Beta versions of OSX. With a Mac I wouldn't think there is much if any risk.