Take to deal NOW for activation LATER?

If a buy Black Friday deal today but still have months to go on current subscription - do I activate NOW or when current sub. expires? And how do I make sure auto-renewal is set to OFF? 🙏


  • Hello @Charamaata ,

    Can you please be more specific on your intent of purchase? Is it the Bitdefender Total Security offer on Black Friday?

    Stay safe,


  • Hi @Mike_BD

    Sorry, it's my first time 'asking' anything from any community... maybe I put the longer version of my question in the wrong box ?! IDK...

    So I have Bitdefender Total Security (with approx. 150 days left) & I have Bitdefender VPN (paid unlimited version with 35 days left). I LOVE these products and will stay with BitDef for sure :o) My questions are:

    1. Can I buy a Black Friday deal now (for either product) and have the new days added to my current subscriptions? (I haven't actually been offered a BF deal with my active account, but a previous inactive account did get the 70% off offer).
    2. If above is YES, should I activate them immediately (without losing remaining days on current subscriptions) or wait till the current subscriptions are about to expire?
    3. Does auto-renewal get cancelled if I'm already topping everything up with another 365 days, ahead of time?

    Grateful for any insights 🙏

  • Hello @Charamaata ,

    You may purchase you Bitdefender Total Security offer on special Black Friday price. If you activate the new license, you won't lose the days remaining, they will cumulate. But please be careful on the type of offer you purchase, to match the number of devices you have (for example, if you have Bitdefender Total Security for 5 devices, to buy for the same amount of devices).



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