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Bitdefender Quarantine: can I recover files deleted from quarantine



I bought Bitdefender Total Protection about 1 month ago and in the last days I ran the full scan, including some mail files (outlook pst).

At the end it put some files in quarantine, including some pst files; in the detail, I saw that there was some file attached to old mails that originated the problem.

Accessing the quarantine, I saw that there were separate lines for the mail file and for the infected attachments. 

For that reason I thought that Bitdefender was acting selectively: I selected those attachments and then naively confirmed their deletion... But instead of deleting only that file (possibly with the whole mail related) it deleted the whole pst!

Do you know a way to restore it? 

Alternatively, do you know if and where Bitdefender puts the quarantined files (the folder in Windows 10) or the deleted files from the quaranten to try to restore it using recovery programs (winfr, recuva or other)?

I don't know if it's possible...