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Five Subscriptions to share: HOW?


(Apparently, not. Or, maybe yes. Since this is driven by other users and NOT BITDEFENDER, any answers we/I get are suspect and don't instil me with confidence. As I have the exact same question, (plus a follow up) I was hoping this/these "forums" were monitored by BITDEFENDER, but apparently, they are okay with anyone giving advice, correct or incorrect.) The aforementioned was in response to another CUSTOMER's futile attempt to get help; seeing that it has been 6-months from her/his enquiry, I thought I'd attempt again.

My follow up question, if anyone does deign to respond, is: when I send that link to another, HOW does it get activated? WHOSE e-mail do I fill in? Whose password do I use? I have a 'smart' phone (dumb operator) a laptop, a tablet and a desktop that I am TRYING to protect. I have managed to hook up the phone, tablet and desk top, but it keeps trying to install a NEW BITDEFENDER on the laptop and I'd like advice as to WHAT I'm doing, or maybe doing, wrong.

Now, before I post, I need to figure out how to find this post in six-months, to see if there is an answer that works.

Yeah, I see no way to get back here without trial & error. Yippee. Well, this has been a futile attempt to use BITDEFENDER's way of shirking their responsibility to their PAYING customers. Freaking great - NOT.

(In case, which I suspect will be the result, BITDEFENDER chooses to delete the tags I've included: POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE 3x)


  • Mike_BD

    Hello @Forgot ,

    This Community is, indeed, moderated by Bitdefender team and we are trying to adress as much of the topics as possible. It is, on the other hand, a place for our customers to interact, discuss, ideate.

    To your point, I'm not sure what solution do you have. I'll guess that you have Bitdefender Total Security for 5 devices, plus one Bitdefender Mobile Security for your phone. If you have made your Bitdefender Central Account , then you should be able to manage all devices from there. On a new device installation, once you send the activation code, you have to use your credentials for Central to activate it.

    If the above don't work, then please contact our support team by visiting



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  • Yep, response is as I expected, although from an actual Bitdefender employee. Either I didn't explain myself well, or you chose not to actually read what I asked. No probs; I was hoping to solve this issue without evoking the support team, but, as usual, I see I have to bother them. Why there isn't a simple button to reach out directly without wasting my time having to search for a solution only to have to contact support anyway? It's very frustrating!!!