New features for Bitdefender VPN : Block or Allow? You decide!

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Dear Community Members,

We’ve added two new features to your VPN to protect your anonymity and visibly improve your online experience when browsing on your mobile devices. 

Ad blocker removes ads, banners, pop-ups and video ads from your favorite websites. Blocking intrusive ads reduces the risk of adware and malware and helps you stay focused, save bandwidth and reclaim your entire screen for relevant content only.

With Anti-tracker you can block advertisers from collecting and sharing data about you and your online activities. You’ll be invisible to the trackers that gather your data (device type, location, web queries, shopping preferences and the such) and slowing down your device. 

For each of the new features, you can make exceptions by adding the URLs of specific domains to the whitelist. And that’s because some websites might not load properly if you block their tracker code and ads. Just keep in mind that, while browsing on these websites, you will see ads and their tracker code will be active.

Stay safe and anonymous,

Bitdefender VPN team 

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  • How noice. now take your VPN and shove it where the sun doesn't shine, in hard copy, so you feel the pain of those who can't get rid of it. Don't want it, never asked for it to be forcibly installed on our Win10 Computers, or others.

  • Mike_BD

    Hi @Eleni33 and welcome to our Community!

    Many of our users appreciate the presence of Bitdefender VPN included in the Total Security suite..where the sun does shine 😊.

    You can disable autostart if you don't want it running along with the antivirus, by going in Settings --> Autostart.

    Have a great 2022!


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  • Where exactly in settings is this? I can't find an autostart option in either the VPN app or the main app. I've already disabled "Startup" under autoconnect, but that just doesn't connect the VPN, doesn't start the app from running. I've been having to manually disable this thing I never asked for and will never use every time I start my computer, since if I leave it running my system randomly crashes.

  • Bitdefender Premium Security: iMac VPN: I can turn on ad block and tracker: and all is well (nice), however how do I get the same protection for my iPhone and Ipad? My ai gives me this response: "Yes, your understanding is correct. The ad and tracker protection features in Bitdefender are only active when you are using the Bitdefender VPN app on your iPhone and iPad. When you switch to using the Bitdefender Web Protection VPN through the Bitdefender Mobile Security app, the ad and tracker protection provided by the Bitdefender VPN app will not be active." Are you all going to remedy this? What do I do? BTY: I Really, Really like Bitdefender ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @NickCflorida,

    I know that my answer comes late, but here it is. If Web Protection is enabled, this automatically disables the VPN, because the two features cannot work simultaneously. For more context on this, check the below article:

    In regard to Ad blocker and Anti-tracker, these will work as long as the VPN is ON and you can manage their settings from here:

    Thank you for your appreciation and for choosing Bitdefender! 🙏



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