PyCharm File Quarantined Due to Detected Trojan

I am using PyCharm 2021 professional edition. A few days ago, the following file was quarantined by bitdefender:


Bitdefender says PyCharm's file is infected with Trojan.Generic.1397772.

As a result, file indexing, linting etc are affected in PyCharm. Does it mean that PyCharm is infected with a Trojan and that puts my work at risk or even worse that the work itself may be compromised and by extension all other users of the same work? How do I handle this issue?



  • Withoutfurtherradu
    Withoutfurtherradu Security Communication Specialist BD Staff

    Hi jmmaina777,

    Do you think you can archive the suspected file, password protect the archive with the password "infected" and send it to us to take a better look?

    Thank you,