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Manage Apps page blank


When I go into Bitdefender Central and go into the Parental Controls tab I can see my kids accounts, and their web and app activity, but if I click down into Manage Apps the pane is blank for both kids even though there is daily app activity captured on the previous page.

I have updated to the latest version on both managed computers as well as my central computer.


  • same issue. any fix yet?

  • No - I've got a support ticket in, will post the solution, if there is one.

  • I also tried this on Chrome and Edge and have the same issue

  • have exactly same view, any update guys?

  • Support said that it will be fixed in a future update, but no indication of when. I also noticed that Parental Controls are not blocking domains that i have added to the website block list - anybody having this issue as well?

  • Phoebius

    I have found that using the web interface is not reliable when trying to make changes. I have started to use the mobile app to make my parental changes for domains and apps and so on. After each change though I have found you can not simply back out of the menu once it says it saves the changes. You actually have to refresh the screen that you are on. I "believe" this sends a manual push to the Bitdefender servers that makes the changes almost immediate. I hope this helps I too struggle with the Parental features and I am very close to getting a different Service for this. Love the AV though.

  • This worked for all of about a week, and then stopped working again. Now the parental controls page is completely empty. This feature is completely unreliable.

  • Flexx

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @ghindman,

    I have located your open ticket. The inquiry was escalated to Level 3 Technical Support and this means a more detailed investigation is required. The engineers will relply and provide further instructions on the ticket in the shortest time possible.

    Thank you for your patience.

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