Facebook page blank after installing BitDefender


Just installed BitDefender and my Facebook page is blank. Any quick solutions?



  • Hello @SuzyJones and welcome to the Community!

    What browser are you using ? Have you tried accessing the page using multiple browsers ?

    Stay safe.

  • Hi Alexandru, thanks for replying. I use Edge on an oldish PC that won't upgrade to Windows 11. For that reason I only have the minimal amount of programmes installed, so no other browsers.

    I'm not sure what the VPN does but after I "ran" it, Facebook reappeared, although this may have just been a coincidence as Facebook works fine now, VPN or not.

    The only changes I made recently were uninstalling Avast and installing BitDefender, so would assume this had something to do with the blank pages, but in any case all seems to be working now......

  • Back again. It seems that after installing BitDefender there's some sort of "parental control" functioning, which means if I check my Facebook page after 10pm and before 6am, it is blank.

    If this is a setting, any ideas on how to change it?

  • Hello @SuzyJones,

    Check the schedule and daily time limit for Parental Control. Here's a link that describes the feature and steps to follow: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/15221/

    Let us know if this helps.

  • Thanks Alexandru.

    I haven't actually installed the Parental Control facility as I don't need it, but wonder if the settings in BitDefender included this by default, hence being unable to see Facebook pages between 10pm and 6am.

    However, as it's not installed, I don't have access to Parental Control settings.

    It's also not a huge problem as I can see Facebook on my mobile. I simply dislike not being in control of what I can do on my PC.

    It's a mystery.....

  • Do you by any chance use the Anti-tracker extension ?

    While the Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension is active, its icon is displayed next to the search bar in your web browser. Every time you visit a website, a counter can be noticed on the icon, indicating detected and blocked trackers.

    This blocks trackers that collect your data and allows you to view and manage this information on each website you visit. It keeps your browsing data private and enhances performance by loading webpages faster.

    The Web trackers detected by the Bitdefender Anti-Tracker extension include social media pages, that monitor social audience, activity, and user engagement with different social media platforms.

    But still, the fact that the page fails to load during a specific timeframe is atypical.