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win 10 update shows error message



My win 10 update started 12/2021 nor to work.Tells me I have critical and qualitative uppdates and starts to install them. Then up pops error message:


This has been going for a month, about.. At the same time bitdefenders security risk scan tells me everything is ok. Windows defender also.

Have tried a lot of solutions. With a little help scanned my hard disk for corrupted partitions. Disk is a hard drive. No result from deep scanning. Have tries clicking off active hours in update. Have tried to not use bitdefender proxy and vpn and another ad and trackblocker

Reinstalled bitdefender total security. No result.

Windows health check showed that my laptop is not compatible for windows 11. But it assured me there is no problem. Will continue ro receive win 10 updates...

....which I can´t install.!

What the hell do I do? It´s little consolation that this error message seems to be a common problem with win update.

Like covid and omikron, hunh!?

Tips very welcome. Last solution for med is to clean install windows again. Might cause a lot of preparations, uncertainty and afterwork.

using Opera, works fine, though bitdefender does not support