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Just subscribed to Password Manager to use with Safari on Mac, but information says it's coming soon, and also said it's available for Safari. I can't download it - any new information to assist please?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @zanna and welcome to the Community!

    Compatibility with Safari should be available soon. Since this is a newly launched product, we are in the process of collecting valuable feedback from our users, to help us improve and further develop the service.

    Password manager for iOS has been launched since the 12th of January and the application started as available to all users directly. 

    In Central it is still listed as "coming soon", but the banner will be updated shortly.

    The new Bitdefender Password Manager service is currently available for purchase exclusively through your Bitdefender Central account. More updates will come for this product this year, including a full launch on the official Bitdefender website, all in the first quarter of 2022.

    For detalied information regarding installation, transfer and import, check the list of available articles at the link below and let us know if they were helpful and if you have any questions:

    Best regards.

  • zanna
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    Thank you for such a comprehensive reply to my question.

    You have helped in understanding this issue and I very much

    appreciate the time you have taken in doing so.

    Kind Regards



  • Today 23 April I started my Free Trial period for Password Manager on my Mac/Safari, but it is still not available.

    Any update on this issue ?

  • Hello @JMK49,

    The Safari extension is pending approval from Apple and compatibility should be available in May.