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Just installed Bitdefender

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Hi - a bitdefender newby here with 2 questions regarding safepay:

1 when I select print I get the default printer, how do i get to choose between my 3 printer choices ie b&w, colour & pdf?

2 why does safepay blat across both monitors - with my previous security software only the browser was protected and I could use my second screen normally?



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Bogeyman and welcome to the Community!

    1. You can't use safepay to change the default printer in Windows settings. Safepay will print with the default settings.
    2. This is the result of the switch to a secure desktop in Safepay.

    If you wish to prevent auto-launching Safepay, you can toggle Automatically open Bitdefender Safepay to the off position:

    For more information regarding Safepay, you can check the article below:

    I hope this helps.

    Stay safe.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • I use my computer to store electronic files and try not to waste paper. For example when I do banking I print the banking confirmation using pdf writer straight into the relevant folder. Bitdefender does not allow virtual printers so I am forced to print on valuable printer and then file them, or scan them into the folder - how is this progress?

    Protecting the desktop instead of the browser is not useful to me as I now have to keep constantly toggling between safepay and the desk top, so there's very little point in having two monitors.

    Whilst the protection that Bitdefender offers may be top-notch the useability of Safepay is questionable. It looks as though I'll have to ditch Safepay and rely on IBM Trusteer Rapport for all my financial protection and access to all my printers.

    Not impressed so far on day 5.