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Password Manager testing


Hi all. There´s any way that Bitdefender Password Manager don´t ask me the master password every time i open my navigator? Excuse my english

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  • Authentication
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    The master password is a feature on the app specifically for your own security. The implementation of this master password is to ensure that only YOU can access your password manager, and prevents any unauthorised access to it. However, you can create a 4 digit PIN which removes the requirement of having to enter your master password every time you use the app. An additional feature which is available, is if you have a device that supports the use of Face ID and/or Touch ID, you can enable these in your settings, which will overwrite the need for entering your master password or a 4 digit PIN, in most circumstances.

    Please refer to the settings page within your password manager for more information. I have included a link below that includes instructions on setting up the password manager.

    Hope this helps 😊

    How to install Bitdefender Password Manager on iOS and iPadOS