restore deleted file

I tried 6 times to open a support ticket and every time I get an error to try again later! This is ridiculous and is more than enough for me to be done with this av!

Bitdefender deleted a file that was legitimate. This is a critical file that I absolutely must have restored! This has been installed since last Aug. when I started my OSCP cert.and this machine holds all my notes and progress to this certification!

An infected file attempted to run on your device.

Threat name: Trojan.Python.Exploit.CJ

Path: /Users/jason/Documents/KaliVM/Kali-Linux-2020.4-vmware-amd64.vmwarevm/Kali-Linux-2020.4-vmware-amd64-000006-s014.vmdk

We deleted the file to prevent malicious commands from being executed on your device.


  • Hello @jboy and welcome to the Community!

    First check in Bitdefender > Protection > Antivirus > Settings > Quarantined threats. If the file appears there, you can select it and restore it.

    If not, you will need to use some file recovery software. I'm not sure if we can make any further recommendations. I would recommend "Recuva".

    In regards to the Support tickets, I have located a recent case raised to our Technical and Malware Support Teams.

    The engineers will also provide a second reply on the case, please note the response timeframe may vary between 12 to 24 hours.

    In the meantime, please try the steps provided above and let us know if they were helpful.

    Best regards.

  • I just installed Bitdefender and it deleted a legit file and I cannot find the Quarantined threats folder. I did a search with the suggested path and nothing. I cannot find any folder saying Protection or Antivirus. I did find settings in the common file folder but nothing there. I did a search Bitdefender > Protection > Antivirus > Settings > Quarantined threats and I got nothing.

  • I feel stupid now, LOL. I just searched the support page and found it. All is good.

  • Hi @baaccs,

    Thank you for following up 🙂