How to stop the extremely annoying notification "Threat detected"

I know Bitdefender works very well and keeps me safe.. thank

I don't want to see this msgs every time it detects threat, it is really annoying

please how I can stop it?



  • Hello @HassanKM and welcome to the Community!

    We would have to find out exactly what the trigger is for this notification.

    Depending on type and severity, notifications are grouped in:

    • Critical events - These indicate critical issues. They should be checked immediately.

    • Warning events - These indicate non-critical issues. You should check and fix them when you have the time.

    • Information events - These indicate successful operations.

    Notifications are an important tool in monitoring and managing your Bitdefender protection. For instance, you can easily check if an update was successfully performed, if malware or vulnerabilities were found on your computer, etc. To know the source of the notification, the engineers might have to take a closer look and they may also request some logs from you.

    I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams to troubleshoot this. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Stay safe.

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  • Thank you, Alexandru,

    with all respect to everything you said, these very frequent Notifications, which also take the focus from other running applications, are annoying and I need to have the control whether to see it, hide it, or stop it forever.

    Actually, this very specific notification does not give me any useful information (only to show how great is Bitdefender) I don't have any responses for this notification, so why does it keep taking the focus from other applications. While I writing in MS. Word for example, and when it appears, it take the focus and my keystrokes go elsewhere. It is not useful for me, it is really annoying and I want a way to stop it

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    If you wish, you can find out more insights in regards to the Bitdefender notifications straight from our Security Research Director, who is hosting a live event in our Community today, at the link below:


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  • It is just too bad that the pop-up is VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!

    Going through my mail (Thunderbird), want to hit the delete button, then I have first click the X on the bitdefender pop-up before I can do anything in Thunderbnrd.

    mostly I even have to click 3 or 4 TIMES on that X before it disappears 😕. When you have a lot (os spam) to delete... the pop-up is really a reason to leave bitdefender and look for other software!

    Bitdefender should NOT interfere with my actions (the mandatory X), and the pop-up should disappear after a few seconds.

  • Hi

    Did we ever find out what to do to be able to get out of the never ending "Threat detected" loops?

    It's blocking work when it starts.


  • Anyone find a way to stop this stupid popup? I don't care to get notified, I just want this stupid pop up to stop.

  • Gjoksi
  • notgivingausername
    edited July 2022

    these popups alerting me that a threat is being detected are of zero help

    at the moment something is trying to open scam web pages in the background using powershell

    BD is catching every time and stopping it from happening

    HOWEVER, it's happening 2-5 times a minute right now and the popup takes focus from my ability to type in any text box

    I find myself typing something out then looking back to proofread it and my input prompt is no longer in the box because the popup has taken the input prompt away

    these popups are a nuisance of the highest order

    for reference, in the process of typing this message I had the popup interrupt my typing 19 times at this point in typing this message

    there HAS TO BE a way to turn these popups off COMPLETELY

    I can't get ANY work done

    I'm sure glad I've only installed the free version and haven't paid for the full version yet because I'd be demanding a refund at this point

    PLEASE tell me there's a fix coming

    and we're at 23 popups interrupting my ability to enter text in this request

    ...update: I can't do ANYTHING due to these popups

    the only option to stop them is to turn BD off completely or uninstall

    I'm uninstalling

    I've searched/looked all over for hours today and there's no way I can work with this unbelievable annoyance that we have zero option to turn off

    I'll check back next year to see if you have done anything to fix this

    just adding to the number: since adding my update here, the popup has broken my typing 12 times

  • Hi @notgivingausername,

    It's possible that your browser connects to those pages either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser. You can find these steps here:

    Let us know if this helps.

    If the notifications are still popping up, I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams, to fix this remotely, because threat-related notifications cannot be disabled. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your desired contact channel.


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  • I am having the same issue. If Bitdefender will do its job on autopilot then please at least that notification should NOT interfere with my actions, because I cannot do anything till I click the "x" button on the notification before I continue doing my things. Can you please at least fix to not interfere with my other mouse actions?

  • Hello @BoomLex and welcome to the Community!

    Whenever you try to visit a website classified as unsafe, the website is blocked and a warning is displayed in your browser. The warning contains information such as the page URL and the detected threat.

    In addition to webpages, Bitdefender can block online applications such as games, services, and tools if they access a harmful link or IP address in the background. You always get a pop-up notification “Threat detected” on your screen whenever Bitdefender blocks something. If you do not visit the website and you still receive these notifications, then your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser. 

    On very rare occasions, Bitdefender may block a safe website if it exhibits suspicious behavior similar to real cyber threats. You can find the URL of the blocked website in the Notifications section of your Bitdefender Central account. Click the notification bell in the top right corner and then access the “A malicious URL was blocked” / “threats were blocked” entry to see the threat link.

    The notifications cannot be disabled, however, if the trigger is addressed, the notification will no longer pop-up.


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  • Over it! Uninstalled. Problem solved until they can fix false positive issues with their product!

  • Hello @Debgary11

    I will jump in and share a bit more context regarding the false positive detections.

    A false positive, also known as a false detection or false alarm, is a legitimate file or website wrongly detected by antivirus as being infected. It occurs when a program or webpage performs an action that appears to the antivirus program to be a virus-like activity. The development teams strive to reduce false-positive reports to a minimum. However, Bitdefender may on occasion mistakenly flag a safe website or a legitimate file as a false positive threat.

    However, this doesn't mean that there's an issue within the antivirus.

    In regards to notifications, the developers have recently released an update containing an improved throttling mechanism to mitigate the amount of notifications displayed for the same event and you can find out more at the link below:

    Should you reconsider reinstalling your Bitdefender protection, you will benefit from the latest update and fixes deployed by our product teams.


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  • I found this thread after trying to get these popups to stop, and I think the Bitdefender people are missing something major, here. While the popups are annoying, the fact that they are taking away the screen focus is what is killing everyone. It is not a matter of how often they show up - the real problem is that when they do show up, they are not in the background and you can't do anything until you either click out of the popup or close it.

    Unfortunately, all my popups seem to be from spam messages to which we get hundreds a day. Making the popups take the focus from the computer has made using Bitdefender completely unusable. It is a shame because I've got about 20 systems using Bitdefender and they all are complaining about the systems being unusable.

  • I am another who is experiencing the same problem..

    Except, I cant x the alert out.

    I wish I had seen this thread before I PAID for the program

  • +1 ...the frequent pop-ups are killing productivity. if BD can't be bothered to provide a mute function then reluctantly will have to switch products to something more business-friendly.

  • The popups. What I find truly amazing is that this genuine problem exists for so many people and for such a long time. Having read several pages on more than one thread and followed written and video instructions, I have come to the conclusion that having these popups appear primarily serves the purpose of enabling some insecure coder at Bitdefender feel good to see the evidence that the software is doing its job. Fine. I'm glad the software is working as intended. That's what I want. That's what I pay for. I don't need to see the popups. If at any time I want to see evidence that the software is doing what it's supposed to do, I can check the logs. That's one reason they exist, right? And if Bitdefender cannot or will not actually stop the popups, then at the *very* least, stop them from taking the focus. I'm sitting here merrily typing away and not realizing that what I'm typing has vanished into the ether because the infuriating popups have taken the focus. Gee thanks.

  • Hello @DCTransplant,

    Are you referring to the 'threat detected' notification?


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  • Same issue with notification, check what they "block" but harmless thing and not even a threat, support don't even told me any solution like here with staff, hoping a option to show ONLY critical threats ASAP

  • same thing. very annoying notifications. Really consider to replace the product, if this is not fixed

  • Hello,

    Currently, there is no way to stop the antivirus threat notifications. However, the trigger can be addressed in order to eliminate the reason for them being displayed in the first place.

    You may take a screenshot of the notification you are receiving and send it to our engineers and they will provide further assistance (you can find it in Bitdefender - Notification - click on the notification to expand it).


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  • Hey guys,

    So... while I get the neccessity of SOME pop-ups, this one is an abomination. Just to be clear, I clicked the "More Details", read and deleted all messages, it KEEPS POPPING UP!

    This is insanity.

    Once every 10-15s. I have to klick on whatever I'm doing because this stupid pop-up renews itself again!

    I mean, it's a good way to keep people from writing a comment on your site without klicking 500x in the comment box, if that's what you're going for, but still...

    I'm gonna go restart my system now, because that's the only thing that seems to help. :-/


  • Hi @Meins,

    This is not normal and doesn't look right. I just spoke to our technical leads, please open a ticket using the link below and the engineers will have a look asap:

    Once you have the ticket number, please send it to me via PM so I can ask my colleagues to prioritize the request.

    Thank you.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • RKClark3000
    edited October 2022

    Dear @Alexandru_BD, as a representative of Bitdefender, I must say that your responses are shockingly inadequate. After going through this thread and seeing how many other people are having the exact same problem I'm having (and these are just the ones that are bothering to jump through all the hoops necessary to comment, I'm sure most just read the absence of a solution and don't bother) - and the lack of any credible response from Bitdefender - I am absolutely STUNNED by the sheer audacity of Bitdefender's lack of caring for their customers' experience.

    If the pop-up I was getting was somehow helpful - telling me which of the 30-40+ SITES I have open is the source of the threat, I would be able to do something about it. Instead, though it lists the "source", the source is obviously a nasty ad on one of the sites I have open, so is of ABSOLUTELY no use as, as we all know, sites have MANY ads on their pages and going through them would literally mean having to check something around 300+ different links. DO YOU AT BITDEFENDER ACTUALLY USE YOUR OWN PRODUCT?

    The inability to FIND the item with out going through and closing each tab separately until finding the "offender" and then having to reopen each one will take quite some time. In the meantime, your "helpful" pop-up continues to interrupt my ability to do ANY other work.

    From above, I already know you will have no adequate response. The fact that your company hasn't created the ability to turn off "live" notifications / made them background notifications, shows your total lack of concern for your customers.

    So, you'll probably delete this as it is just a well deserved chastisement for your poor product and poor customer care, but hopefully it will stay up for a while so others will know they are not alone and are encouraged to do the same as I am and seek a competing software that actually does what it is supposed to without halting my and my workers ability to get anything done. It is obvious that not until enough people stop using your product will you actually DO anything to address such a glaring flaw in your product and your customers' issues - but of course, by then, it will be too late.

    Just want to let you know you have lost a customer and gained a "negative-marketer" for the rest of my life - hope you feel you got your money's worth, because at this point, I definitely do not think I have. Not only for my personal use, but also for my business. Security software is exactly that - software to keep my computer secure. It is not, and never should be, a hindrance to letting me and my workers get work done.

  • ed0001tt
    edited October 2022

    Bitdefender, please do something about this. Either allow users to run off the notification, or group all notifications into one window that users can close with one click, instead of now, each notification with its own pop-up. this design is horrible. one bad website can trigger over 50 of the same notifications. It's not helpful to me to see the same notification 50 times saying "Bitdefender blocked a threat" and that I have to close one-by-one.

  • Hello @RKClark3000 and thank you for joining the conversation.

    I'm sorry to hear you feel this way and I encourage you to tell us exactly what makes you think that my earlier responses are inadequate. I appreciate if you could better elaborate on this.

    Such notifications are legitimate, however, the engineers have learned that there can be some isolated threats that are triggering them in a successive manner and I think that @ed0001tt is experiencing such a scenario.

    As specified in one of my earlier comments quoted above, together with the Support engineers we have brought this notification behavior into the attention of our product developers and provided detailed examples from the community and other sources. The notification flow is being addressed with high priority and I trust the responsible teams will find a suitable solution in a timely manner.

    To ensure the success of this initiative and a swift resolution, all reports concerning this type of notification must be processed by the aforementioned Support engineers, for three reasons: first, to gather information from the affected device, that will prove very useful in the ongoing notification improvement process. Secondly, to effectively quantify the impact these notifications have on usage and last but not least, to maximize the chances of identifying the notification trigger and eliminate it entirely.

    To address the other two questions, yes, I do use Bitdefender products, as a matter of fact both home user solutions and business solutions are installed on my devices and serve multiple purposes. Never in a lifespan of four years did I encounter such an issue with any of them. And no, there is absolutely no reason for me to delete or censor your comment and opinion, as long as it's not offensive nor defamatory in any way.

    Going forward, I trust that the development teams together with our skilled engineers are up for the challenge and we'll see some considerable improvements in the future. Please do get in touch with them and send your request in detail, so they can have a look at the devices and fix the issues you have encountered. We take our member's feedback seriously and will continue to do so.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • I too are a little frustrated with this threat detected, yes its great to know your safe and blocked but this is hogging my cpu whilst im working and have to click the x several times to get rid of it depending on its alert count.

    I recently purchased bit defender after moving from norton>>kaspersky but I must be honest if there is no way to disable or hide these notifications, I will not be renewing, its so frustrating.

    I'm a 3d developer and when Im rendering or working away to have these cpu halts and issues its over the top.

    Please give us all an option to "totally disable notifications".

  • I regret paying for Bitdefender now because of these annoying "threat detected" notifications I keep getting. It is not about false positives and such. It is about it being extremely intrusive!

    When I am doing something, especially typing, the notification will just defocus my application and stop me from typing!!!! It gets extremely annoying when I have to close the notification multiple times after being interrupted from typing multiple times! Extremely frustrated customer :(

  • Hello @Amin Husni,

    If I understand correctly, you are getting these notifications successively, one after another? Please confirm.

    Can you also attach a screenshot of the notifications and the information displayed there? Also, kindly let me know if you can provide the URL that triggered the notification. I wish to test it myself and see if I can reproduce this behaviour.


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  • How to stop these notification from poping up? Common bitdefender its being almost a year your customers asking to remove this. And it is not only this thread. We are paying to remove popups, not to create more.

  • Alexandru_BD, I love that BitDefender is blocking all of these threats, but I think the general consensus is why do we even need to be alerted every single time? I trust that it is doing it's job, it doesn't need to let me know everytime and take priority, so whatever I am typing is disrupted.

  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited October 2022

    Hi @Vyron and @Riddlesean , thanks for joining us here.

    Whenever something relevant to the security of your system or data happens, such notifications play a key role in raising awareness of the events happening on the device and send assurances that the product is operating as expected. Options may be provided to take further action, if needed. Being a security product by design, it does not have a toggle to disable security-related notifications, as this would defy the whole purpose of having an interactive antivirus that provides feedback and alerts the user of any potential threats or attacks coming their way.

    Furthermore, having such a feature could pose a risk for the more inexperienced users and may lead to unwanted security events or vulnerabilities. Taking all possible risks into consideration, but also technical implications involving the whole architecture of the solution that would require significant modifications, the security researchers and developers have decided that the antivirus will not have a silent feature.

    If, however, there is an unexpected and unnatural behaviour in the way the notifications are being displayed (and by this I mean a threat that is successively triggering a particular notification several times in a row), this is entirely a different story. The solution is not to disable the notifications entirely, but to find the root cause and see what threats are triggering the notification, to what extend and frequence, establish if there are any imminent dangers and address them and of course fix the unwanted behavior of the notification in the process.

    I hope my explanations bring more clarity and insight and I am thankful for your understanding.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • I am glad I am not alone on this one! This has been driving me crazy, I called support twice they asked for a bunch of logs, I generated logs, I took screenshots, and I explained everything in detail but they are still ignoring the root issue! Let's try this again

    • Bitdefender (Thank you for keeping us Safe!)
    • Bitdefender PLEASE stop popping up with an annoying dialog window "Threat Detected!"
    • @Alexandru_BD (please read->) Please understand that when we are browsing our emails there may be a URL in the email that may make a call to an untrusted site and We don't have any control over that.! So All we are simply trying to do at this point is DELETE the email. Nothing more nothing less. So, if we are going through hundreds of emails trying to delete one at a time, BitDefender keeps interrupting our Delete Process.
    • Proposed solutions:
      • show the popup but do not take the window focus away from the active window we are working in.
      • Add an option to the Dialog window to delay popups for the next x minutes.

    I hope this now makes sense.

  • Hi @Har S. and thank you for your sharing your suggestions with us. I have forwarded your feedback to our product development teams for consideration. I regret to hear that these notifications have caused an inconvenience to you.

    There is indeed an ongoing review process for the notifications and our developers are looking for ways to streamline the pop-up messages and warnings, especially the ones that are stealing focus, to further improve the manner in which the product communicates with the user. The notifications subject is being analyzed from multiple angles and as always, any adjustments or improvements must go through a rigorous testing process, to meet the quality standards and ensure other functionalities are not affected. The actual problem, as reported by many users, is that these notifications interrupt user activity and steal focus by being too frequent.

    I think it's important to have the full perspective when it comes to product changes that may affect the security of the users and to analyze every aspect of this proposal. When adjusting the products or developing new features, the product management teams always take multiple criteria into account and each modification must be designed for both advanced users and less tech savvy users as well, to meet overall requirements. It's a complex process.


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  • These notifications are annoying af. I hope product team looks at this seriously, from a UX perspective its a no brainer to give users the option to turn off all notifications (with maybe exception of updates, if auto-update is turned off).

    As a paying customer if fix isn't in by my annual renewal date, I'm taking my money elsewhere.

  • I am having the same problem. I get this

    That pops up and switches focus every few seconds, and then I have to click back to the window I am working on.

    You are about to lose a customer! And yes it happened several times while trying to type this message!

  • I also have the same issue,Why does BD not allow users to customize whether to send notifications for each function?Or the engineer can add an option to disable all notifications.

  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited November 2022

    Hello @singazer,

    The product developers and security researchers always take into account all possible vulnerabilities and scenarios of usage. Having an option to completely disable the threat notifications can pose certain risks for less tech savvy users. Whenever a threat is detected, a pop-up notification will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen and these security notifications cannot be disabled.

    There are many situations where the user must be aware of what is happening and in some cases an action is required by the user. The antivirus should communicate operation or detection issues at all times.

    However, if the the pop-up notification does not function as expected and gets triggered on consecutive occassions for the same threat, as some of our members experienced, this needs to be properly addressed and the development teams have opened an investigation following the reports received so far. The throttling mechanism must be analyzed first and they are currently gathering information. The next step would be to test the notification behaviour in various scenarios in conjuction with multiple types of threats and see how it performs. Of course, adjustments will be made, if deemed necessary.

    Going forward, as we are collecting user insights for the ongoing investigation, kindly get in touch with the Support Teams so they can have a closer look at the pop-up notification and find out exactly what triggers it. These findings will prove very useful to the teams assigned on the task. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Thank you for your understanding.


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  • CecilB
    edited November 2022

    Surely as paying customers we should have the option like any software to have this notification muted, yes we want to be protected but taking focus off our other software and programs we are using as myself and many others in this thread has said is just crazy.

    I'm pretty much willing to remove this from my PC and not subscribe when the time comes, I'm also sure many others in this thread are feeling the same if they haven't uninstalled already.

    Please provide a mute option or some form of toggle of stolen focus and activity.

    You keep replying saying "we need to find out what is triggering it".... it doesn't matter what is triggering this, the problem is we are being forced to see it even though we have stated we want to hide notifications and to take cpu and window focus is utter silly.

  • @Alexandru_BD I retract my earlier rant as the annoyance of constant notifications was due to an infected email. When I'd turn on comp and subsequently Windows mail app, it would trigger infected notifications repeatedly.

    I get notifications are a must or else how can users know there's an infection. However from a UX perspective it may be ideal to have a "silence" toggle for treats/notifications, once initial popup is triggered and user sees it. That way user is aware of the threat and can investigate further if they wish, or silence the (specific) threat for the rest of their session on the computer.

  • Hi @DomGo,

    Don't worry about it, I suspected that something was going on, because whenever this notification is triggered, this usually happens for a legitimate reason. Thank you for the explanation concerning the email app, this will prove very useful for our developers and I have asked them to investigate the notification frequence and check its behaviour in this scenario. We'll make some tests to see if everything works as expected. I appreciate your suggestion as well. 👍️


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Any solution to stop the notification? It is annoying...

  • Hello @Spiderbing,

    Is the notification being triggered multiple times for you as well? Does it pop-up repeatedly when opening the email, just like @DomGo experienced? We need to find out what the trigger is.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • My problem is not related to email. When I turn on computer and connect to wifi, the notification pop out repeatedly.

  • My solution is format my computer and reinstall everything. Make it clean...

  • Im seriously having trouble understanding why theres so much pushback from the admin

    Customers of the app are complaining about a feature that can EASILY be turned off by the engineers

    The app doesnt need to constantly notify us that its doing its job. It just needs to be doing it.

    Also, we need a way to turn off the application messing with our browsers. I dont get why it modifies my google search results in any way.

    Im on the verge of deleting and purchasing something else.

  • Hello @broken_app and thank you for joining the conversation.

    Please read my above comments in full. I have explained the reasoning behind the security notifications, described the possible risks and vulnerabilities and what could happen in the absence of notifications, provided suggestions, remediation steps and recommendations to the best of my knowledge. I have also made everyone's voice heard within the product development teams.

    If you believe this is a pushback, then I respect your opinion and I have nothing more to add.

    Thank you.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Just came here to find a solution for the same, extremely irritating issue. I've been getting these notification popups every.single.SECOND now, making it absolutely impossible to work on the laptop!!!! I opened a ticket via chat for this over a WEEK ago (11/26), received an email right after with instructions on how to provide some logs. Did so right away, and since then the only contact initiated by BD was another email, stating that they "had not heard from me for 3 days", and that my ticket would be closed soon.

    Had 2 follow-up chat conversations since then, the Agents could only assure me that the upper level was "looking at my issue" and would contact me, but they were very busy because of the many new subscriptions related to Black Friday. Last follow up was on 12/1, since then... silence again.

    I've been a paying BD customer for several years now, but my current subscription for 5 devices expires in less than a month and I'm pretty sure I won't be renewing it, because this level of customer service is totally unacceptable!

  • Hello @Borcha,

    I have noticed that the engineers responded to your request with further instructions. They will perform a remote session to troubleshoot the behavior you are experiencing.

    Kindly follow the necessary steps to schedule the remote session and reply on the case with your confirmation.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • BitDefender: Hey. I blocked a possible threat. Nothing to do with what you're doing. Just thought you should know.

    Me: Okay. *goes back to playing WoW*

    BD: (5 seconds later) Hey. I blocked another possible threat, same as the last one.

    Me: I'm trying to win Arathi Basin, leave me alone!

    BD: (10 seconds later) Hey. You were pushing a button when I blocked this possible threat so I stopped you to show you this notification.


    BD: (15 seconds later) Hey. I blocked another possible threat. Look at the notification that won't let you do anything else until you close it.

    Me: I'm just about ready to uninstall you.

    And scene.

    That's a bit of a dramatization, but that's basically how it goes. Please give us the ability to turn off ALL notifications. We don't need to know BitDefender is working when it's working.