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Internet Explorer iusse installing bitdefender total security


I'm trying to install the bitdefender total security trial, but I get the message: your browser is not suppported to use bitdefender please upgrade to the latest verson of internet explorer; the link provided is this:

where there are only windows 7 packages. Tryed but wihout lock they crash.

I'm on windows 10 Enterprise machine, I not see iexplorer in the add feature menu and in programs list, but with another package founded on microsoft site I get : Iexplorer already installed.

Anyone can help me?



  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited February 2022

    Hello @hannibalsmith and welcome to the Community!

    Internet Explorer 11 is included by default on Windows 10. Make sure ALL windows updates are installed. If the issue persists, kindly contact our Support Teams and the engineers will request logs from you for troubleshooting purposes.


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