Is There A Firewall In BD Total Security For Mac?

I can find no Firewall settings in the Mac version of Total Security, unlike in the Windows version. Does this mean there is no Firewall? I'm a little concerned if that is the case.


  • Since subscribing, I have run the malware scan several times for up to 12 hours. Result -sip, zero, nothing, nada. It just keeps running and running with 'your request is being processed.' I have just run in badly named "quick Scan" for over 25 hours. Twenty five hours! Same lack of result. Same wheel endlessly turning with the note, 'Being processed'.

    Does this malware scan actually work? I have an IMAC wit hOS Montery 12.2.1.

    Thank you. Mark

  • And I'd still like to know if there's a firewall!

  • Hello @RCC49,

    The Antivirus for Mac does not include a Firewall.

    Please get in touch with our Support Teams regarding this behavior, as the engineers may request some logs from you for troubleshooting purposes.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Stay safe.

  • Please note that the question remains whether Bitdefender Total Security has a firewall on a Mac, NOT Antirvirus for Mac. Thanks.

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    Bitdefender Total Security subscription includes these products:

    • Bitdefender Total Security for Windows;
    • Bitdefender Antivirus for macOS;
    • Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android and
    • Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS.

    In other words, Bitdefender Total Security relies on one licence for all operating systems.

    Bitdefender Total Security for Windows does include Firewall feature.

    Bitdefender Antivirus for macOS does not include Firewall feature.




  • why does the windows version get the firewall but Mac doesn't? What is the reasoning behind this?

  • Hello,

    Mac OS is a much more strict environment than Windows, a situation that has two effects: one is that Mac OS does not require the same amount of extensive anti-malware modules, as access is much more restricted to any 3rd party (not only including possible malicious apps / files, but the same restrictions apply to 3rd party software manufactures such as ourselves).

    The second effect is that since the OS is much more restrictive, mirroring the same in-depth technologies available on Windows is not possible on Mac OS, due to the limited access provided to developers. Apple holds primary functions in some areas for themselves.


  • Why does Norton for MacOS offer a TWO-way firewall, if you say a firewall is impossible on MacOS (aside from the optional firewall of MacOS itself)?

  • The only reason why I would switch from Bitdefender's Box 2 software to Norton's for MacOS is because Norton can replace the MacOS firewall with a two-way firewall. Please let me know why I should not switch.