How to generate install link WITHOUT the VPN client on Mac?

Hello, I am using the Family License, and if I generate a link to share for installation, the link downloads a .PKG file that installs both Antivirus for Mac as well as the VPN Client. That is very confusing to the person installing, and I need to be able to generate and share a link for Antivirus for Mac only, no VPN!

This worked fine in the trial version, but seems the options to select just the product you want to get the link for to install is gone once the Family License is purchased & activated.

Anyone know a solution?



  • Hello @SemoTech and welcome to the Community!

    Bitdefender VPN is installed automatically alongside your Bitdefender security solution, as it's included by default in your Bitdefender product on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It offers 200 MB daily traffic per device and automatically connects you to the optimal server, without having the possibility to change it.

    Best regards.

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  • Thank you for the prompt reply Alexandru. I am aware of this, but there has to be a way to install just the AV or just the VPN. Bundling them, especially when the VPN is limited to 200MB without buying another license is forced advertising, and a "bait and switch" practice. How do I get just an AV install link like I got for the trial?


  • Hello,

    You can uninstall the VPN separately after installing the antivirus.


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  • Multumesc, I am aware, but that is still confusing to see the VPN by the person installing it using the link provided, especially since it is not just installed silently but launched and running, and causes additional manual work on each computer. If at least it was installed silently and not run that may be a compromise but just like the demo/trial there should be a way to choose what product gets deployed, and the ability to generate a .PKG file that is just for AV, or just for VPN, or just for Parental Control. Why would the trial be different than the full license?

  • In regards to the VPN, the limited version was included in the paid subscription as a result of user requests and I think it's really nice to have along with the antivirus. It won't allow the user to select the server and the traffic is limited, but it's there when you need it, for example if the user only uses VPN occassionaly, when connecting to public networks or when they wish to avoid tracking. I discovered that, for many users, the available traffic is sufficient, while some users indeed do not use it. The users that require VPN most of the time, have the possibility to upgrade to the Premium version, thus there is something for everyone. I am unsure about the trial differences though.

    When it comes to the products and their features, I think the best approach is to collect as much feedback as possible, as a service provider. And we do this, each and every day and we put it to good use. I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide us with yours and I have forwarded your opinions to our product developers for analysis.

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  • Multumesc Alexandru.

    Please take my input and please consider to allow the selection of wanted products upon generation of download link ,so that everyone can chose what products get installed and it is not decided for them. This will mirror exactly the Antivirus trial you already offer.

    Multumesc din nou.

  • Regarding the VPN, I cannot uninstall this feature. I have a VPN and I do not want the Bitdefender one. How can I uninstall it, now the Antivirus for Mac has been installed. Can you support me with the steps to take on a MacBook pro?
  • To uninstall the forced upon us & crippled VPN app, 1st right-click on it and close it from the top Menu Bar. Then using Finder go under "Applications" and in the "Bitdefender" folder run "BitdefenderUninstaller", select "Uninstall VPN Only", then press the [Uninstall] blue button.

    Good luck, and really hope Bitdefender changes this ridiculous & unwanted upsell of VPN.

    At least install it silently, don't set it to run at startup or launch as soon as the AV is installed which confuses people!

  • @Marlene8, what does sending instructions on setting up Mac VPN have to do with the fact that Bitdefender PUSHES their data capped VPN App, and even forces it to run at startup? This choice by the Bitdefender marketing team is causing a lot of confusion and triggers questions thus wasting time.

    If one wants the VPN App from BitDefender, they should be able to install it from a direct link just like the AntiVirus, SEPARATELY!

  • The uninstall works a first, but the VPN keeps on re-installing itself on my Mac (Monterey 12.6.). So after a few days (today actually only one) the VPN is back and the same problem (automated start cannot be disabled) is also back.

    Really disappointed with this behaviour. I will not buy Bitdefender again although the anti virus part (the tool that I actually bought) seemed to be working fine.

  • Gjoksi
  • @Gjoksi We all know how to uninstall the VPN, we just dont want it shoved down our throats automatically when installing the Antivirus.

  • @Gjoksi did you read my post? I know how to uninstall the VPN, I did it a couple of times, but it keeps re-installing itself! So the only solution would be to uninstall the complete Antivirus, which would leave my Mac unprotected.

    Only Bitdefender can fix this by 1) not forcing customers to install unwanted software in the first place, or 2) allowing customers to disable auto start of the VPN and 3) allowing proper uninstall of VPN only, without automatic re-install.