How do I upgrade Bitdefender versions for Netgear Armor?

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So I'm asking here because Netgear support is useless which is why I moved over to paying you guys directly for the subscription. Problem is, Netgear is running one version behind and I don't know how to upgrade to version 9.x for Mac. I have Monterey and I'm running in the bug referenced here:

How do I run version 9 with Netgear Armor? Is it even possible? If it isn't, please advise Netgear to upgrade ASAP!


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    The development teams are working on delivering the product build to Armor customers as well and they are collaborating closely with our partner, Netgear, to find the best route for this. However, even though you don't have the latest product built, rest assured that the product offers the maximum level of protection.

    There are no further updates at this stage, but the teams are confident that a resolution is in sight.


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  • Hello @fury88,

    Based on your description of the situation encountered, I would recommend contacting the Bitdefender Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required. First, they will have to check the subscription type and then advise on the Time Machine issue, as I know for a fact this has been fixed with the latest update, so they may request some logs from you, if the situation persists, in order to find the root cause and advise further.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Stay safe.

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  • Thanks for the reply! Great. That is my understanding as well. I’ll check with them on how to get an update from 8.x to 9.x since Netgear isn’t handing it out!
  • I have the same issue -- don't seem to be able to get version 9 through my NETGEAR Armor account. note version 8 runs in compatibility mode, really inefficient for a key system service which runs all the time). V9 supports M1 Mac chipsets in native mode.

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    You should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:


  • hello, very disappointed with the response from both Netgear and from Bitdefender -- basically, Netgear users are restricted to the 8.x release stream, whereas commercial purchasers of Bitdefender have access to the 9.x release stream.

  • Bummer. As long as we’re not paying for features we’re not getting it is what it is. Again, Netgear support won’t even speak to me with a $200/year contract. They got you by the balls. Though, Bitdefender, you should be concerned if they don’t keep your product up to date because ultimately it’s your name on the security features.

  • as fury88 states, both Netgear and Bitdefender are going to pay the price for their licensing squabbles, as dissatisfied Netgear customers will search for alternate products that are actually supported.

    (... and I'm quite disappointed that is took quite a few hours and dozens of emails with both Netgear and Bitdefender support teams to find out that I can't get access to the latest version of the product. Netgear claims it's a Bitdefender problem, and Bitdefender claims it's a Netgear issue.)

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    @Alexandru_BD Anything to comment here? Thanks.

  • Is this a one-time issue getting fixed or do we expect this to happen every single time there is a major revision? One of the main reasons I started the thread was because there is a bug in the version Netgear is carrying with MacOS Time Machine. I have no way of updating it as of now. I wasn’t so much concerned about whether it was secure or not currently but that point does come into play the farther the version delta.

    regardless, here’s to hoping it’s fixed sooner than later. I really love Bitdefender so keep at it!


  • Hi @fury88,

    There are two separate tasks involved, the first has to do with the known Time Machine back-up issue and secondly, the developers are working to resolve the upgrade build together with Netgear. As far as I know, this is a one-time unique situation that involves multiple teams, as they are working on different areas of the product at the same time.


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  • Ok. That helps more! I’m hoping whenever v10 comes out that Netgear will just adopt it ASAP. ;-)

    Thanks for the insight and support here.


  • i have tried and tried and tried to get customer service and the tech people to get my web protection working on my armor that runs on my ipads and phones, etc and they are all apparently total ****** because they cant fix it….i have done everything they told me to do and it’s STILL NOT WORKING SINCE THE 13TH WHEN THEY GLADLY TOOK MY MONEY…any suggestions?