How to stop bitdefender regular scans?

I have Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Every day at about 6.35pm Bitdefender runs a scan that batters my mechanical drive for about 10 minutes. I have a few SSDs and I don't mind it scanning those but the mechanical drive seems to take a real hammering. The scan produces "Potential Device Vulnerability" results. I have turned off Vulnerability under Protection -> Vulnerability but this doesn't make any difference. The scans still happen.

I don't have any custom scans.

I bought 3 year Bitdefender because with Covid I got a new job working from home and wanted to make sure I was safe for my new employer, but I'm finding Bitdefender a really difficult product to like. A lot of settings are hidden from the user, I get too many adverts from Bitdefender, and things like the SSL man in the middle reduce my confidence greatly. I use a lot of IT test equipment on my LAN and Bitdefender makes it much more difficult. Has it always been this difficult?


  • Hello @lechiffre and welcome to the Community!

    You can set up Bitdefender to run scans whenever you consider and you can also exclude files and folders from the Antivirus scan.

    Check the below articles for more information and let us know if they were helpful:

    The scan process may have an impact on your system performance, depending on the scan task priority, thus it is recommended to customize these scans and also add exceptions, to find the perfect balance.

    Let us know if the information was helpful.

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  • Ironbuket
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    If you find these 10min unscheduled scans are starting exactly 1Hr after you startup your system, then you arent alone as this happens to me also.

    I dont have any custom scans either.

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  • Ironbuket
    Ironbuket ✭✭✭

    In case this is of any use, I have created a ****** which can hide your drives from the unwanted BD scans. I have posted it over on the BitDefender Reddit. You will need to go right to the end of the thread (it is quite long) as this has been going on for a while.

    NB: You will need some understanding of ****** files and diskpart, to be able to modify the code to your situation.

    The forced BD scans now take 6min (10min before) and scan all my solid state drives, but at least it saves my 3 rust drives from a battering.

    Internet Security (Paid), Windows10 Pro64, Ryzen7 5800X, 32GB RAM, RTX3070, 5 internal storage drives, 2x ext hot-swap drives