bitdefender does not allow viewing of the USB drive


I installed bitdefender free version a year ago (more or less) a week ago I encountered a particularly serious problem. After turning on the PC and after having inserted for the FIRST time several USB drives (pen drives, external hard drives, printer) all is well no problem but if I then went to unplug the USB drive and reinsert it a second time (after a few minutes) in the SAME port the pc could not read the drive, and on "resource manager" he told on the USB "code 38". Once i searched for this code on microsoft, it turned out that external antivirus software could create non-existent internal conflicts, so once i have uninstalled bitdefender everything works perfectly. But if bitdefender was installed for 1 year, the problem was solved a week ago and in this time I HAVE NOT TOUCHED any settings at all. What happened? Why did I have code 38? and why did everything start working correctly once bitdefender was uninstalled?

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