Is krnl.exe safe?


I don't know if it's safe or not, many other people are saying it's safe, while others are saying it's a virus.

Is krnl.exe safe? 12 votes

It's safe.
BeFreeDrSivaGuillermo1234lereboxjohnwatsonFastBoiDamian H. 7 votes
It's unsafe.
100safeTaxedincomeidiotdummy 3 votes
I don't know.
NoriiSun1henryisveryepic 2 votes


  • BeFree
    It's safe.
    It's safe from the site you are showing here, but be careful as there are lots of copycat websites.
  • I don't know.

    I think it's unsafe, because I installed it and my PC started lagging REAL bad but when I deleted krnl.exe it was running fine.

  • RedsFan
    RedsFan ✭✭✭

    Are you using game Roblox maybe ?

  • lerebox
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    It's safe.

    of course its safe

  • johnwatson
    edited December 2022
    It's safe.

    Yes, it's totally safe. Many Roblox plyer has the same question that Is kRNL safe? I am using these exploits for one year. It's the safest exploit ever.

  • It's unsafe.

    "krnl is unsafe because there are various versions of it, some of them have viruses and others don't. Most of the newer versions are safe, so be careful when using krnl!"

  • It's unsafe.

    It sends a couple hundred KBs of information to 2 addresses.

    Most people that say its safe have no idea if it actually is and are blindly trusting it due to it being free and popular with the idea that since so many people have used it in the past, at least one of them would have discovered concrete proof of it being unsafe by now and since they haven't its probably safe.

    The standard ad based key system is a blatant scam, making you download software and surf articles just to be able to use the cheat (via Linkvertise) which slightly stains their reputation already.

  • Flexx
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    The files downloaded from the original website when scanned on virustotal reveals that files are malicious. Below are the virustotal links.


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  • It's unsafe.

    Honestly, don't even touch the official website, "We Are The Devs" is just a virus filled website, the official KRNL website is confusing on its own, and the fact that you need to turn off your antivirus makes it more fishy. If you download it and run it, your fps will instantly drop, even if you close KRNL. It can also hack into your camera, private folders, accounts like your Google account, Steam account, Epic account, and of course, your Roblox account. I'm pretty sure its both a trojan and malware, so just because KRNL is free doesn't mean you should use it. You shouldn't even cheat in the first place because paid cheats are mostly scams. My proof is 4 of my friends using this a while ago, thinking its safe because its popular. I had to go to their houses just to get rid of the trojan and malware, and it took hours trying to find the source of it. (Oh, and it can also completely destroy your computer if it really wants to)