Bitedefender Total Security on Windows Server

Has anyone installed Bitedefender Total security on Windows server 2019 or 2022

Im getting an error message when I try and run the installer


  • Purchased it last night because it came with 5 seats and thought it would be good to get it on my to servers.

    Running into an error that says This Bitdefender Product can not be installed on this device.

    Seems like it might not be compatible with Windows Server but trying to confirm this

  • Hello @Volla and welcome to the Community!

    The Bitdefender Home User cybersecurity solutions cannot be installed on servers. Total Security offers complete protection for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices. However, server protection is available with our Business Solutions:

    Best regards.

  • Hello. As mentioned above, the support guide for Windows servers and Linux servers will only support "Bitdefender Gravity Zone". Since the server side will be the management function of EPP and EDR, I think that the software on the other client PC side will also be the "Bitdefender Gravity Zone" endpoint license.