Safepay Wallet Storage Location

Where is the Safepay wallet data being stored? Is it locally on my computer or on some remote server in the cloud? Personally I would prefer everything be stored locally on my own computer rather than on some unknown remote server in the cloud somewhere. Even if the information is encrypted and not just password protected, I'm not comfortable with my passwords being stored on some stranger's computer! Can I control this feature so the database information will be stored only on my local computer? There was a setting which said, sync across devices is off, does this guarantee nothing is being stored in the cloud?


  • Hello @Frazzle,

    For safety reasons, the master password to your Bitdefender wallet is encrypted and stored in a location on your computer that is separate from the wallet program’s data. It is best practice to keep the Bitdefender Wallet database synced in the cloud to have a wallet backup if a system crash or hard drive failure occurs. It also simplifies the process of sharing all the login credentials across multiple devices. So the data is stored locally, but there is also the option of cloud storage for back-up purposes and synchronization.


  • Javier23
    Javier23 ✭✭

    I have the Password Manager installed in Chrome, but when I access Safety the Wallet appears. Will it also disappear from that option?

    Thank you

  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hi @Javier23,

    Are you referring to Safepay and the Wallet? I'm asking because the standalone Password Manager is not yet compatible with the protected browser, and the development teams are working to make this integration available soon. Can you post a screenshot showing what exactly is happening?