Deleting an account / webadress in Bitdefender password manager

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In my Bitdefender password manager app i have two double webadresses. How can i delete them?

I lost also my pincode, how can i restore it?


  • Scott
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    Hi @Neusbeertje

    On the address/account you want to delete, click on the edit icon next to it, then scroll down to the bottom where you'll have that choice to delete it.

    If you want to change your password, that can be done by the steps below (see Note at the top of the article).

    Also from that article, If you lost your recovery key, then you would need to contact support. I would also export your passwords first if you reset your PM account.

    Note: If you do not remember the current master password, click the I’ve forgotten my password option on the same screen. Enter the 24-digit Recovery Key provided during the initial Bitdefender Password Manager setup, then type a new master password. If you forget or misplace both the Master Password and the Recovery Key, as a last resort, contact a Bitdefender representative to help reset your account. Resetting your account will erase all your data and passwords saved in Bitdefender Password Manager.

    You could try doing a search in the device you originally were asked to download and save that information to using the search words below.

    I hope this helped :)

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  • Hello Scott.

    I thank you for your answer. I have my master password still and also my recovery key, but sometimes the password manager closes itself after some time. Than i have to fill in a pincode.but this code i forgot.

    Do i have to follow the same procedure like you said?

  • Scott
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    Apologies on my part for not catching the pin code in your first post. It sounds like you're on a smartphone, Android type of device where you created a pin code, correct? It also sounds like you've been able to open it up to see the double website entries? If you can get into the left-hand side of the settings and Logout, may prompt you to sign back into PM: email -> password -> sign in -> enter master password -> unlock, may allow you to re-create a pin, as I just went through those steps on my Samsung tablet. Let us know how it goes.

    Otherwise, members here who are more smartphone and tablet savvy regarding PM on those devices, may have to help you. Chat support can be a really quick option though, and may have some insight as to why it's closing itself.

    edit: I suppose you could also export your accounts/passwords from the device, and uninstall it and start over with the install from Central, since you have your master password and recovery key. But again, talk with Chat or wait for another member here if needed.

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