BD Password Manager FAQ: What Is Actually Encrypted?

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In the Password manager there is this tantalizing line

"Every password and account are highly encrypted with the strongest data security algorithm, and the code we see simply looks like a random string of numbers and letters jumbled together"

So just to be clear what it says is the account & passwords are encrypted.

What about the websites themselves? Is that information available to bitdefender to data mine?

That is the sort of thing I would expect Google to do. It is truly amazing how much profiling can be done by simply monitoring the websites visited and how long you are actually on that site and where you go next.😯

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  • BernieK
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    Thank you @Alexandru_BD for the quick reply.

    That is exactly what I wanted to know.

    Sadly, these days the bigger companies do a lot of work on the wording of their privacy terms to ensure that they can effectively still invade our privacy to data mine us without seeming to do so. This has made me overly cynical of all companies.


  • Hello @BernieK and welcome to the Community!

    Password Manager is using an end-to-end encryption system, which means all data is encrypted and decrypted only locally on your device. This guarantees that no one except the account holder who knows the master password has access to the passwords. The highest data security is assured through the latest, military standard, cryptographic algorithms – AES-256-CCM, SHA512, BCRYPT, HTTPS, and WSS protocols for data transmission.

    Password manager never stores or transmits the master password, which means no one else can access your vault in the unlikely event of a data breach.

    Bitdefender Password Manager is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant.

    In regards to your activity on the web, Bitdefender offers ways to protect you against profiling and unwanted data collection.

    Many websites you visit are using trackers to collect information about your behavior, either to share it with third-party companies or to show ads that are more relevant for you. Hereby, websites owners are making money to be able to provide you content for free or continue operating. Besides collecting information, trackers can slow down your browsing experience or waste your bandwidth.

    With Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension activated in your web browser, you avoid to be tracked so that your data remains private while you browse online and you speed up the time websites need to load. The Bitdefender extension is compatible with the following web browsers:

    ● Internet Explorer

    ● Google Chrome

    ● Mozilla Firefox

    The trackers we detect are grouped in the following categories:

    ● Advertising - used to analyze website traffic, user behavior or visitors’ traffic patterns.

    ● Customer Interaction - used to measure user interaction with different input forms such as chat or support.

    ● Essential - used to monitor critical webpage functionalities.

    ● Site Analytics - used to gather data regarding webpage usage.

    ● Social Media - used to monitor social audience, activity and user engagement with different social media platforms.

    When the Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension is activated, its icon appears next to the search bar in your web browser. Every time you visit a website, a counter can be noticed on the icon, referring to the detected and blocked trackers. To view more details about the blocked trackers, click the icon to open the interface. Besides the number of the trackers blocked, you can view the time required for the page to load and the categories to which the detected trackers belong.

    In regards to personal and technical data collected by Bitdefender, you may check our Privacy Policy where we explain the personal data we collect, how and where we may use it, how we protect it, who has access to it, with whom we share it, and how you may correct it:

    Let us know if the information was helpful.

    Best regards.

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    Aside from what BernieK may find informative, yes, your post was incredibly informative and helpful to me :)

    Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your posts Alexandru, I (we) learn a lot for you. It's appreciated :)

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  • Thank you @Scott, much appreciated!

    You are most welcome and it is my pleasure! 😉

    Always glad to help.

  • I read the FAQs

    I understand what Bitdefender does regarding privacy

    My question was quite specific about Bitdefender Password Manager. I understand it encrypts passwords and account information.

    Does it also encrypt the website addresses that these accounts/passwords refer to?



    Account name: Freddythefrog -this is encrypted by password manager

    password: thisisfredspassword -this is encrypted by password manager

  • Hi,

    Yes, these are encrypted as a whole, basically each entry is completely encrypted. Take the Wallet, for example. It has a single .db file which is encrypted. It does not have separate files for passwords, usernames, etc.


  • Hello! You say that the wallet has a .db file which is encrypted, but when you export the wallet .db file for future use (in case you reinstall the product for example), it signals you that is not encrypted, and anyone can read your data? What is the correct answer? The Wallet database file is encrypted or not? :) Thank you in advance!

  • Hello @Ser,

    It depends on the export, if you export it as a .db file, it is encrypted. However, If you export it as .csv, it is not.