How do I access Password Manager on my desktop to see what passwords are set?

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  • I have installed password manager and want to view the vault to see what sites have stored passwords.

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    Hi @Tak69

    Since Password Manager is a browser based app, it does not have a desktop file storage location, it is secured on the Bitdefenders servers. The only way to see what's stored on your Password Manager is to click on the head icon (Accounts) or the 3 bars, Accounts and scroll through or do a Search at the top of that window.

    Thus this security on, for our part, taken from this helpful article:

    What is a Master Password, and why do I have to remember it?

    The Master Password is the key that unlocks the door to all the passwords stored in your Bitdefender Password Manager account. The master password must be at least 8 characters long. So create a strong master password, memorize it, and never share it with anyone. To create a strong master password, we recommend you use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (such as #, $, or @).


    Why don’t you store my Master Password, and what happens if I forget it?

    The reason why we don’t store your Master Password on our servers is so that only you can access your account. It’s the most secure way. If Bitdefender Password Manager doesn’t recognize your master password, make sure you type it correctly and the Caps Lock key is not active on the keyboard.

    If you forget the master password, you can always use the Recovery Key to unlock Password Manager. During the sign-up process, Bitdefender Password Manager provides a recovery key that can be used to regain access to the account without losing your data. It’s a 24-digit code. It should be placed in a very convenient and safe place that you can easily remember.

    If you forget or misplace both the Master Password and the Recovery Key, as a last resort, contact a Bitdefender representative to reset your account.

    Important: Resetting your account will erase all your data and passwords saved in Bitdefender Password Manager.

    Your other option would be to export your passwords to your desktop in the form of a .csv file, and view it from that format. Password Manager/Settings scroll to the bottom and Export, as the image below.

    I hope this helped to answer your question :)


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