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Looking for a work around to allow me to use Safepay for my banking

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I previously submitted Ticket #1007318443 but got no consideration at all on three different issues that interfere with my use of Safepay.

The most important issue is that when I go to my bank or a financial institution, I use Microsoft or Nitro Pro PDF printer to download a PDF file copy of important checks or transactions. This allows me to store these important records digitally rather than wasting ink and paper creating hard copies that I do not want. When I set a PDF printer as my default printer and try to print a document to PDF in Bitdefender Safepay, I get a pop-up message that “Virtual printers are not supported in Bitdefender Safepay". Because of that, I have to do my banking on a Chrome Browser without protection. This was never a problem before as I had used Kaspersky for years until switching to Bitdefender Total Security recently. As a part time computer tech, I have also switched 16 other computers to Bitdefender, but I wish I had tested it more thoroughly before switching.

Does anyone know of a hack or tweak that would allow me print to PDF in Safepay?


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited April 2022

    Hi @dagar7

    Safepay is a pretty hardened environment, locked down from any misc. add-ons that may compromise it.

    Here are some posts by the mods at that time, taken from this link:

    You may print using SafePay, however, you need to use a physical printer and not via a software. You cannot choose the colors or greyscale when printing from SafePay. Also, you cannot use print to PDF, only to print open PDF files.

    Also, a couple of posts down from the same link:

    Introducing such a function for Safepay is somewhat delicate as our primary focus is to keep it an enclosed environment where no 3rd party software may interfere to help users stay relaxed when doing online banking and the likes.

    It has been mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but the above seems to cover the bases.

    You can download a PDF (you may need to allow pop up) and in the bottom left corner of the Safepay window is the PDF file name with an Open and Show in folder option, which Safepay creates a folder in your Windows file explorer Download folder. From there you could save or print as needed.

    So to answer your question, I don't know of any hacks or tweaks other than what we can do than the above-mentioned.

    I hope this helped in some way.


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  • dagar7


    Thank you for taking the time to research my issue. I hope someone else can come up with an alternative to make it print to a PDF. It seems just as safe to print to a PDF as to a hard copy, so I can't understand the reasoning. Kaspersky handled this much better, in my opinion, but that option is out due to Russia's aggression. For me, they have made Safepay so safe that it is useless. I seems like they could have a few options that could be selected for people to choose how they customize their installation, and keep the present features as default installation.

  • Alexandru_BD


    Virtual printers are not supported in Safepay. Most virtual printers open windows in the initial desktop and block Safepay's secure desktop while waiting for your input. The only possible way to print using Safepay would be to use a physical printer. Unfortunately, there is no other workaround I can think of..

    Safepay also comes with a built-in VPN that secures your confidential data, so I would personally use the VPN included in the antivirus license instead. It will keep your personal data private (usernames, passwords, email addresses, credit card information, etc) and will allow printing as well. You will be untrackable through a secure encrypted connection. The main differences are the virtual keyboard and Wallet integration. But apart from this, the VPN and Safepay modus operandi is very similar. Safepay's VPN architecture is somewhat limited, however.

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  • dagar7

    Thanks for replying. I guess I will have to live without Bitdefender Safepay. Apparently yours works somewhat differently than the Safe Money browser in Kaspersky Total Security, as both Microsoft Print to PDF and Nitro Pro PDF printer always worked well there, and I never noted the PDF printers opening in the regular desktop like you are describing happens with Bitdefender.