Safe Pay and Last Pass

Hey Community. I am brand new with BitDefender. I have been a LastPass user for over 10 years. I have over 300 passwords managed by LP and have been extremely happy with how it works for me. I am interested in Safe Pay for my banking activities--but if I can't integrate LP, it is of no use to me.

Is integration with LP possible in Safe Pay? If not, how do I disable Safe Pay so I'm not hit with requests to use it every time I enter a financial app of some kind?

Thanks in advance for any insights.




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    Only Bitdefender Wallet (part of Bitdefender Total Security) and Bitdefender Password Manager can be integrated into Safepay. So, integration with LastPass is not possible in Safepay.

    You can disable Safepay and Safepay notifications following these steps (it's a GIF image):


  • Thanks for the quick response. Awesome feedback!