Which Master Password is required to import into Bitdefender Password Manager ???

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Hi all,

I am completely new to Bitdefender Password Manager, so I hope you can help.

I am trying to move from Lastpass to Bitdefender Password Manager.

I am using the "How to Import Passwords from other apps or browsers into Bitdefender Password Manager" description:


It looks very easy, but I get "Wrong master password" every time.

Off course I think I am using the correct Master Password, but apparently not.

Should I be using the Master Password for Lastpass or for Bitdefender Password Manager ??

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  • Mudderkage
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    By the way...

    I can log in to https://central.bitdefender.com/ without problems.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Mudderkage and welcome to the Community!

    After adding the new extension to your browser, you are required to set a strong master password, then press the Save Master Password button after you read and agree with the terms and conditions. You will need your master password to unlock all the passwords, credit card information, and notes saved in Bitdefender Password Manager. This would also be the password required when importing your passwords from other apps or browsers.

    After setting the Master Password, you will receive a 24-digit recovery key. This key is the only way to access your passwords saved in Password Manager in case you forget the master password set in the previous step.

    When transferring your passwords from Lastpass, try to enter the Master Password you have previously set for the Password Manager, when prompted.

    Let us know how it goes.

    In the event the password is still not accepted, kindly get in touch with our Technical Support Teams for assistance, using one of the contact methods available at the link below:

    Best regards.

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