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Parental control, switch on anf off and not working in Edge

edited May 2022 in Parental Control

I installed parental control to block inapropriate use of my laptop by my child. So as it is obvious the conected device to my child's parental control profile is my laptop. How can i easily switch off the parental control from this device in order to use it myself, without deleting my child's profile in Bitdefender Central's parental control section. Because it not usefull to delete every day the child profile and then recreate it.

Finally it seems it is not blocking sites in Microsoft Edge. This is an even bigger issue

Thank you


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @aifan and welcome to the Community!

    On a single Windows device, Parental Control restrictions can be applied either for one account OR all acounts. When assigning a Windows device to a child, the user can select the account for which the restrictions will be available.

    In regards to website blocking, try the following:

    1. Sign into your Central account

    2. Click on Parental Control from the left menu

    3. Click on your child's profile.

    4. Go to Websites tab and make sure the button Monitor and block websites visited by your child is ON.

    If the websites are still not blocked afterwards, do the following:

    1. Uninstall Parental Control from Control Panel

    2. Delete the Parental Profile from Central (Click the 3 vertical dots on the profile, choose Remove and click Yes)

    3. Restart the computer and create a new profile.

    4. Assign it to your kid's device then select his/her Windows account from the same window. If you want the restrictions to apply to all the Windows accounts from that computer, select All accounts then click Save.

    In the event you are still encountering issues, kindly contact the Support Teams for further assistance by choosing one of the available contact channels below:

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user