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What are DDoS Attacks and Why are They so Popular During Cyberwars?

edited July 2022 in Enterprise Security

Imagine 100 individuals rushing to squeeze through a gate that can only fit two people, or 1000 cars trying to take the exact same highway exit, at the same moment. Inevitably, the bottleneck will lead to a traffic jam, and then to a complete halt due to congestion.

The same principle can be used to explain how a Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack works. An Internet-connected computer is artificially fed more commands, requests, and traffic than it can normally handle, which makes it temporarily unavailable to other people and computers trying to make legitimate contact.

Attacks may focus on different areas of the network, and the data volume may vary, but the goal is ultimately the same: to block access to a digital resource. And because everything is run by computers, that means DDoS attacks can take down anything from your gaming PC to websites, payment platforms, mobile apps, and even entire companies.

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