Extra option for what to do on finding a problem

Long-time Kaspersky user. New user here.

Trojan Generic 17890680 was found. Normally I would have asked for removal. But it turns out I Use that product for many years almost every day. So I asked BitDefender to ignore this one.

But extending 'ignore' to all other findings is almost the same as not using an antivirus.

New option: <b>Notify but take no other action</b>. The user then can decide how to proceed.

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  • SaurikSI
    SaurikSI ✭✭✭

    I definitely agree, by coincidence, I also mentioned this on the request I just posted, I don't like when software doesn't let you choose what to do, the user should have more freedom instead of just accepting what the developers think it's best.


  • Hello @PeterB2488 and welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    We are always gathering consumer feedback from this community in order to enhance our user's experience and I have passed your suggestion to our developers for further analysis.

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  • Hello,

    The developers are asking for more details regarding your suggestion. It is possible to choose how the product reacts to detection. By default, it's set to take proper action where the engine decides the right steps to take and only informs the user, but there are also 2 other options from which you can choose as default actions at detection.

  • SaurikSI
    SaurikSI ✭✭✭

    I think they're talking about being able to actually choose what action to make when a threat is detected, instead of automatically taking an action, the user should be able to select an action when any threat is found.


  • When Bitdefender finds an infection on the device, it usually takes automatic action against it and gets rid of the malware without requiring any input from the user side. Whenever Bitdefender successfully blocks a threat, you are safe, as it already took care of the infection. Also, as soon as a system scan is over, Bitdefender will take automatic action for the detected malware, if found. If automatic action cannot be taken, the user will be prompted to select a desired action for the infected file: Disinfect, Delete or Move to quarantine.

    If the selected action can’t be taken, the user will have to remove the infection manually, by following the steps from this article. The scan log can be used to find out the path to the infected file.

    Manual actions do come with a warning and if there are reasons to believe that the file in question is part of the operating system, or that it is not an infected file (a false alarm), the file should NOT be deleted yet and it is recommended to contact Bitdefender support instead.

    Indeed, the freedom of customization and possibility to set various preferences is ideal, but we must keep in mind that while some users are more tech savvy, the amount of customization should be balanced to suit the mass majority of users, without posing any security risks. This is always something that is being taken into consideration by the developers, for all implementations, regardless of their level of complexity.

  • I am also a new user from Kaspersky. Installed yesterday.

    I miss many advanced options, but okay, BitDefender is not as expensive as Kaspersky...

    But I find it strange that I dont get a say in what to do with different threats? I have never seen an AV that does this until now. I think you should implement it in one way or another. We, more tech savvy people, can set a flag or something in the registry if you dont want to bother ordinary users with to many options. For myself, I have for example EICAR files all over for when I test email servers. It is a bit stressful when the scan reports "deleted" on files I want to keep. Happy was I when I found them in the quarantine.


  • All we need is you guys to add "Ask" for detected items. We get it that most of your userbase may not very tech savvy, but it won't hurt to just let some of us decide whether the file is safe or not. Your use "proper action" for default is not a problem, but just add another option to ask us, the user.