Password manager should have an easy way of copying account details.


Oftentimes the password manager cannot autofill, whatever the reason may be -- odd website layout, external application, doesn't really matter. Given that these cases cannot be entirely eliminated, I think that the password manager is in need of a quick, easy and safe way to copy account info. Currently you have to go into edit mode and copy from the fields there, which feels clumsy and simply doesn't make for a very user-friendly experience.

By the way, I couldn't seem to post in feature suggestion, so I had to post here. Anyone know why this is?


  • Math_Matei

    Hi and welcome in the community!

     I believe that everything is about security settings on certain web pages.

    I have been a subscription, for about 4 years, at 1Password and I meet the same problem as you. But with a combination of keys, I solve the problem. Bitdefender Password Manager is just released, surely the future updates of the product will make it a redoubtable product.



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