Seamless switching between VPN and Web Protection

The VPN app has an option to auto-connect to VPN when connected to an open WiFi-network. Great feature. But it doesn’t switch automatically back to the Web Protection connection (on iOS). This leads to a constant connection to the VPN. Not bad for your security and / or privacy, but:

  • It could be annoying to manually switch back
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security / Central raises alert because Web Protection is disabled (Possible other idea / problem to solve?)
  • Kinda unnecessary to be connected all the time?

This could create a better balance between security and privacy without letting you down (unsecured).

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  • Hello @Giryoku and thank you for posting your suggestions here 🙂

    This has to do with how the two features are designed, as the Web Protection & VPN features from Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS cannot be used at the same time, but alternatively. This means that turning on Web Protection in the app will disconnect the VPN and vice versa. Once a VPN session is ended, you can turn on Web Protection.

    Web Protection automatically blocks malicious websites. When a URL points to a known phishing or fraudulent website, or to malicious content such as spyware or viruses, the webpage is blocked, and an alert is shown. The same thing happens when installed apps try to access malicious domains. With Web Protection, you are protected from accessing dangerous, phishing, and fraudulent pages.

    On the other hand, VPN encrypts the data that leaves your iOS device, giving you the benefit of a private network even while you’re on a public Wi-Fi from the airport, mall, café, or hotel. When connected to VPN, you can access websites that are restricted to certain countries and you hide your own IP address, offering your online search more anonymity. VPN only does so much to anonymize your online activities. It won’t protect you online.

    Therefore, this behavior is not a dysfunction. Web Protection and VPN are two features designed for separate purposes: the first keeps you safe while browsing while the latter aims to provide internet anonymity.

    Apart from this configuration, I think that an automatic switch was not implemented so far, because the developers wanted to give the end users more control over the functions and allow them to manage these features individually, according to their needs and preferences.

    Nevertheless, I have noted your recommendation and will forward your feedback to our product teams for analysis.


  • Giryoku
    Giryoku ✭✭✭

    Thanks @Alexandru_BD ,

    I think that a complement is on its place here. I just wanted to say that I really like your involvement! 😉

    Great to have an active community. And also one where you are heard. 😊

    Enjoy your day! 😁

  • Alexandru_BD
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    You are most welcome and I am grateful for your appreciation.

    This community is a place of true value, that encourages ideation and contribution and helps our users to make the best out of their Bitdefender antivirus 🙂

    You have and excellent day as well!

  • Piggy backing this, is there a way for bitdefender to automatically turn web protection back on on iOS after a VPN session instead of having to remember to re-turn on web protection every time? Seems like a huge oversight if that is not possible

  • Hello @jumpingthegreen,

    When it comes to usage, VPN and Web Protection have different purposes and you should turn them on depending on your needs. For example, if you want to do some online transactions on your banking site while being connected to an airport or a mall WI-FI, you should turn on the VPN, to encrypt & anonymise all your traffic. If you are especially browsing on all kind of new sites that could look suspicious, then Web Protection would be of greater help, making sure that the domains you are accessing are not exposed to online threats (like malware, phishing, miner) by blocking access to dangerous pages.

    Currently, an option to enable web protection automatically after a VPN session is not available, however, the iOS app can be set to remind you to turn on web protection whenever the VPN session is closed. You can find it in Settings -> Enable web protection notification.

    Nevertheless, I think this makes a good feature request for the development teams to analyze and I'll send your feedback to them.


  • Why would someone want Web Protection off while using a VPN? It seems to me that it would be best to have Web Protection remain on while using a VPN. You still need protection from malicious websites when using a VPN.

  • Why Bitdefender is depriving us from Web Protection Services and VPN at the same time? Isn’t it better to be protected both ways? Or else there’s no thechnology for ios to use both services at the same time? If so is there any solution to use both in ios.

  • Hi @Seyyid-Haroun and thanks for joining the conversation here.

    The antivirus is not depriving users from using Web Protection Services and VPN at the same time willingly, it's just that these features cannot be used simultaneously on iOS due to certain limitations and the scope of each feature. If simultaneous usage was possible, surely it would have been already implemented.