How To Temporarily Disable BitDefender

I am currently using the trial version of BD - deciding whether to switch permanently from Norton Utilities. One thing I noticed in BD is, there is no way to quickly/easily disable BD. In Norton 360, all I have to do is click the Norton icon in the system tray and choose from a number of options - disable protection for a few minutes, an hour or longer. This is extremely helpful in troubleshooting, as I am trying to do now.

I've seen numerous posts on this topic, going all the way back to 2011, yet this issue does not seem to have been addressed - or have I missed something? Is this functionality coming anytime soon?


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    Hi @Thepipe,

    As of now, here's where it stands, taken from this post by Alexandru in the latest thread, Exit Bitdefender.

    Going forward, as I'm a liaison between the Bitdefender community and the development teams, I always collect and share with them the feedback received here and do my best to follow-up. Considering that multiple requests have been made on this forum for a "kill switch" feature, I am excited to find out what the outcome will be for this proposal. Of course, there are many things the developers need to take into account at the start of each new project, so it's really difficult to predict if and when a feature will make its way into the product.

    Alexandru a couple of posts down in that thread, also mentioned that he'd keep us up to date as things develop.



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  • Thanks for the follow up. I hope it's implemented soon.

  • BTW - I know this is off topic, but I ham dealing with another BitDefender issue. I tried to create a new topic, but apparently I'm "too new" and can only reply to existing posts. How long does a user have to wait before they can post new topics?

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    Taken from another comment by @Alexandru_BD:

    "Regards to the permission to add pictures, this is tied to the rank and as soon as a member reaches Level 2 **, the feature is automatically unlocked. For Level 2 to be achieved, there are two criteria: reach the 50 points mark and post at least 5 times.".

    Maybe the same rule applies for posting new topics.

    Only @Alexandru_BD or perhaps someone from the mods team can give you the correct answer.


  • Hello @Thepipe and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Kindly try to open a new discussion now and let us know how it goes. I've made some adjustments, so let's see if I got it right 😄

    Normally, a new member should be able to post right away, regardless of the nature of their post, comment or new discussion. It's true that attachments and links are not available for a short period of time, until Level 2 is reached, but otherwise there should be no posting restrictions for new threads.


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