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Any way to get a list of all endpoints in gravityzone, including which group they're in?


I'm trying to clean up and reorganize our endpoints in Gravityzone. I'd like to periodically dump a list of endpoints, *including the group name* into a spreadsheet.

I can run reports and export these to CSV, but 'Group' is not a column in any of the reports that I've seen.

I can set the filter under Network to Depth -> All items recursively -- but this displays all of the groups first, and all of the endpoints (regardless of their depth) afterwards -- an exploded tree with endpoints under each group would be fine.

Is there a way to do this that I'm missing?

The only thing that has worked is clicking into each group, using 'Inspect' to show the structure of the HTML, and copying and pasting the elements into a separate HTML file. That was fine to do once, but I'd like to be able to dump everything all at once whenever I want.


  • Gjoksi


    Since you need help with business product, @Alex_Dr could take a look here and help you.

    Also, you can always contact the Bitdefender business support:


  • Alex_Dr
    Alex_Dr Quality & Customer Experience Specialist BD Staff

    Hello @bartonc,

    The only way to achieve this, unfortunately requires a little more work, meaning that you will have to create an Endpoint Protection Status report, select a single folder, export it, and you have a list of all endpoints from that folder, which you copy in another file. And you will have to do this for all available folders.

    This being said, you could also get in contact with the Enterprise Team and request a Feature Request template where you document your request from the original description that could be implemented in the future, should this be approved.

    Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.

    Alex D.