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AWS VPN (OpenVPN) what configuration have you had to do to have bitdefender pass its traffic


We are in the process of switching to AWS' VPN (which is a rebadged version of OpenVPN)

Though it connects, it won't pass traffic until I disabled all the Bitdefender modules on the test machine, support says I have to turn each module on one by one (and reboot each time) to find the module causing the issue and work from there.

It occurs to me though I can't be the first person to use OpenVPN with a Bitdefender'd computer so wondered if anyone has solved this one already?



  • Gjoksi


    Since you already contacted Bitdefender business support, @Alex_Dr could take a look here and help you.


  • Alex_Dr
    Alex_Dr Quality & Customer Experience Specialist BD Staff

    Hello @NeilCarmichael,

    In these types of situations, you indeed will need to go through each module and deactivate it so you can pinpoint the exact root of the issue.

    The reason the Enterprise Support team suggested this is because they require of specific type of log, depending on the culprit module, as the logs in question, for all the product, will occupy GB of space and, if there is only 1 module that's causing this, there is no need to go through the other logs for this. Once the Support Team has the logs they comb the logs for specific error messages that detail what is happening in the background that's causing the product to behave that way.

    I do understand that this process is, at times, time-consuming, as you have to remove, check and add the module again and do these a number of times but it is also accurate in terms of troubleshooting (a sort of precision strike exactly where the culprit is located).

    I hope my explanation helps your situation and also keep me updated with the Enterprise Support Team case status so we can fix this as soon as possible seeing as it is affecting product functionality.

    Alex D.

  • Thanks Alex, I had hoped I wasn't the first to try to use an AWS / OpenVPN with bitdefender, but I guess at least that gives me bragging rights.

    First thing I am trying is putting executable's name on the whitelist for the firewall

  • NeilCarmichael
    edited August 2022

    What I have found so far is turning off the poweruser, relay and encryption modules made it work but it has taken many man-hours to get here and obviously turning off an entire module isn't the kind of precision needed for someone to turn over to a production environment!

    I am left feeling out of my depth and with both vendors (the AWS VPN supplier and Bitdefender) drawing "lines in the sand" telling me what they won't help with I am left wondering what will happen with future issues, even if we get past this one :-(