Cannot login in Password Manager


Since my last Windows update I cannot login in to Password Manager - when I click the icon the screen just freezes, I have tried refreshing the screen, re-starting, going in via main BitFDefender but it will not connect. Baring in mind I purchased this only a few months ago I am a little disappointed to say the least. Any help gratefully received.



  • Scott
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    Hi @ColinUK

    What browser are you having problems with? I'll go through some universal steps below.

    Try disabling it from the browser add-on extensions, restart the browser and enable it again and see if that works.

    Otherwise, remove it from the browser extensions, clear all your cache, browsing history etc. restart your browser and go into your Bitdefender Central account. In your account go to Password Manager/Get Extension (for your browser) and go through the steps of installing it, then re-signing into your account and see if that works.

    This article may be of help.

    Let us know if this worked.


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @ColinUK,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Does the issue persist? I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the extension first, then reboot the device and try again.

    Let us know what is the current status.


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