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Threat warnings timemachine


Hi everyone,

I have a timemachine backup of my mac. In my mails I have spams with attached files with viruses.  Local viruses are deleted, but the ones in timemachine backup remains.

Now on daily base I get more then 100 threat warnings like this. It pops up voor 2-3 seconds and disappears. It is very frustrating, because while working it interrupts your workflow for the warning. Bitdefender just warns me, but does not delete them. So I keep getting these warnings.

I can not delete manually, because I don’t know where to delete in the timemachine backup

1) I have disabled scanning in backups, but still get this warnings

2) The viruses are not in quarantine so I can not delete them

3) The path does not exists.

external drive  Data/usr/ local/Quarantine  does not exist.

4) I also have exluded timemachine root for backup, but still get these warnings.


How can I solve this issue? It drives me crazy. 

Here is screenshot: