Where are the scan logs?

Where are the BitDefender scan logs in the app itself, and the folder location of the actual files?


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    Hi @BDMo

    The scan logs can be found by going to the left side of the app panel Notifications/Information and tick the drop-down arrow to the right.

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  • I see no completed scan notifications, and I scan once a week - at least

  • I have the free version of bitdefender, and am having the same issue. I just installed it and ran a scan, but there's nothing in the notifications area to indicate that the scan finished and what the results were.

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    Scans run but aren't registered in the UI.

    Or, scheduled scans don't run at all.

    What is this company's issue with transparency? Give users the path to follow to the full logs (if they exist) rather than the useless UI "Notifications" page.

    FFS this is a paid for product, not some homebrew open source freeware. Users should not have to search the internet to find what should be readily available in the UI.

  • And the scan logs for the paid accounts are IDIOTIC! They cannot be saved, printed or even copied!

    What the heck? It is 2024 people, EVERY DEVELOPER ON THE PLANET WITH AN IQ ABOVE ROOM TEMPERATURE has figured this out. Whay haven't you?

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    What seems to be the problem here? Are you looking to export the scan logs?

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    One of the issues with scan that I have had is that when (if) scheduled scans run, the Notifcations page of the UI doesn’t record the fact.